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Adam Cashmore-Brooke

Hi there! Im Adam Cashmore-Brooke bike messenger by day, aspiring story teller, illustrator, performer and doodler of drawings by night.

I live in the Maryborough and visit the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and for a few bucks (enough to buy a new bike) I will draw pretty much whatever you want. (Oh, and I am not really a bike messenger, it was just an example in the WordPress template, it seemed funny so Ieft it in. I am actually a full time doodler and teller of tales for the young and the young at heart)

Below are examples of some of my work, click the image it will take you to the page and the gallery to see more. If you see something you like or something that I can do for you, then please send me an message via the contact page.

I am also available for story telling adventures and have a background in street performance. Over the years I have been involved in over 600 shows in Australasia, Europe and the UK.

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